A Great Way to Celebrate SummerAge 2.5yr-7yr

Jul 1 - Sep 4 2024
Monday - Friday 9am-3pm
(With an option of extended day up to 5pm and 6pm)
Till 5pm - extra $50
Till 6pm - extra $75

Indoor/Outdoor Summer Camp

Welcome to our dynamic Indoor/Outdoor Summer Camp where adventure knows no bounds! Our camp offers a perfect blend of indoor and outdoor activities, providing campers with a diverse range of opportunities to learn, explore, and have a blast. Rain or shine, our versatile program ensures an unforgettable experience for every camper.

Indoor Adventures:

Dive into a world of creativity with our Arts & Crafts Projects, featuring weekly projects that spark imagination and skill development. Kids will explore various painting techniques using brushes, sponges, and even unconventional objects, all aimed at achieving unique and delightful creations. Our safe and enjoyable indoor play-space sets the stage for more exciting activities, including storytelling sessions and engaging board games.

Outdoor Explorations:

Connect with nature, embrace physical challenges, and sharpen soccer skills in our invigorating outdoor sessions. Team-building exercises foster a cooperative spirit among campers, ensuring a dynamic and supportive environment. From relay races and water balloon fights to other thrilling team-building activities, our outdoor program is designed to keep participants engaged and entertained.

Whether campers prefer the cozy creativity of indoor arts or the refreshing outdoor adventures, our camp caters to all interests and weather conditions. Join us for a summer filled with joy, learning, and the camaraderie of Indoor/Outdoor Summer Camp!

Weekly price : $550 Flexible DayCamp : $110
Requirements from home:
Packed lunch
Extra pair of clothes

Summer Camp Drop In

Daily Drop Off price $110
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Summer Camp Week Admission

July 3rd - Septembre 7th 2024
$550 per week
Monday to Friday 09:00am - 03:00pm
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Opening Hours

Opening Hours

Mon – Fri : 10:00am – 5:00pm

Sat – Sun: Closed

Public Holidays: as advertised


Weekends-Based on availability, please contact the store for open play hours.