Welcome to Our Kids Town, Ultimate Kids' Play Space

Welcome to the center where your children are able to play, learn, exercise and have the best Birthday parties! We offer multiple programs, courses and painting activities for toddlers and kids up to 8 years old. Our employees are the best certified teachers in your area!

Explore, Excite & Inspire!

Kids Town Playland

Kids Town is the best destination for exciting and dynamic family activities! Let’s have fun!

Birthday Parties

The best party themes, cake selections and entertainment programs at our center only!

Want to make a special gift to your child? Looking for a place to let the kids do whatever they want, but do no want to worry every minute?

Toddlers Zone
Main Arena Toddlers Zone
Ball Pools
Main Arena Play Houses
Fire Station
Main Arena
Climbing Wall
Main Arena Play Houses
Main Arena Play Houses
Main Arena Play Houses
Main Arena
Tree house with slide

Upcoming Events

Follow the events schedule to be able to attend them and let your kids have the best time at our center! We are having parties, sports events and education courses every other week, so stay tuned!

Coming to play today?

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Admission & Prices

We strongly recommend reading our Rules Page and Privacy Policy section. Adult supervision is 100% necessary for all children.


Infants up to 8 month

Duration: 90 minutes.

$20 for each additional sibling

One Adult per Family
Second adult $10
Opening Hours

Opening Hours

Mon – Fri : 10:00am – 5:00pm

Sat – Sun: Closed

Public Holidays: as advertised


Weekends-Based on availability, please contact the store for open play hours.